Jim Carnicelli

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I'm a lifelong software engineer with a diverse range of skills and interests. I reside in Miami Beach, Florida.

I have been creating software since high school. I typically take on systems architect roles and regularly create custom frameworks for my teams. And I'm typically given the difficult technical challenges. Although I generally prefer technical work, I regularly take on roles in project management, business analysis, user and engineer mentoring, documentation authoring, and graphic design. I have founded and run my own technology ventures and worked on development teams of all sizes.

I've created software for many industries. I'm flexible. My passion is taking on novel technical challenges. One of my unusual specialties is artificial intelligence, especially natural language processing. I have created software involving 3D rendering, physics simulation, expert systems, audio processing, computer language conversion, realtime web interfaces, virtual reality, and other exotica. I've created various custom database engines, user interface frameworks, service daemons, APIs, and so on. I've integrated many kinds of disparate systems. In practice I most often work on typical business apps with web front ends

I've worked with many environments and programming languages. I've been developing web applications since the web's beginning and have strong expertise in JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. I've also been neck-deep in C#/VB.NET and Sql Server for two decades. Over the past decade I have been gaining expertise in React, along with Next.js, Node.js, TypeScript, mySQL, Postgres. Some of my research involves cross-platform development in C++11. I've also worked in too many other programming languages and environments to list here. And I'm actively engaged in a daily process of learning new technologies.

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